Saturday, April 30, 2011


i was at target trying on a bathing suit last night and had my 1 year old daughter in the dressing room with me. Just as I stripped off my last article of clothing leaving nothing but a thong on... my lovely daughter decided to scoot her little self under the door and run out. There was not a soul in the dressing room for me to yell help to so I -in all my glory, ran out after her. I poked my head around to try and see where she was -my whole backside was completely exposed to anyone who may have been in the Target Ladies department around 6pm last night! I spotted her in the card section (atleast 50 feet away), said a quick prayer and ran back and never put on a pair of pants so quickly- didn't bother to button them, and pulled my tank top (no bra) on and before I even had it all the way on I went sprinting through the store looking for her- shoeless... Thank god she found the musical cards and stayed in the card section where I spotted her before. Never been so embarassed, scared, and releaved in such a short amount of time. Atleast I can laugh about it now! :) - kaitlyn a. 

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


is it bad that I threaten my 2 year old to stay in bed or I'm going to call the police? works!- Ashley Z


i think i'm a better parent than my husband. mostly because i'm the one home with them all day long. - anonymous


While my little tot was supposed to be taking his afternoon nap, I hear him playing in his room. I go about my business as usual - because he will typically fall asleep after a little while. An hour later he's STILL playing, so I go to check in on him. His room was literally a disaster. The drawers were all pulled out - clothes EVERYWHERE - blankets thrown around the room - stuffed animals all over the place - and toys in every crevice. When I asked him what happened - he proceeded to "tell me" aka "babble". He was quite proud of himself though. Needless to say, he didn't nap and we had a LONG afternoon. Aaah boys. Love them. - MP

Saturday, April 23, 2011


tomorrow is Easter Sunday, and my kids only have the treats for their baskets. they're going to have to share a basket bc i couldn't ever find one around here - and they wont be hunting for any eggs because they sold out of all of those too. i guess this is what happens when you go the day before Easter to buy supplies. at least we'll be dyeing eggs together - that has to count for something - and the fact that they are getting LOADS of goodies! - MP

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


so i've been dieting pretty strictly the last 2-3 weeks. i've been watching -literally- everything that i eat. i even track it on that 'lose it' app in my ipod. well, today i felt like i relapsed. my 2 yr old wanted some doritos so i gave him a few in a bowl. i thought to myself, 'go ahead, just have a few, you deserve it'. 15 chips later & having to throw the bag away so i didn't indulge any further i felt defeated. i'm not sure if any of you watch the show "INTERVENTION" but i'm a HUGE fan, well, how pathetic is it that after I did that I actually compared myself to relapsing on drugs/alcohol! oh my. i have serious issues. - MP


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Tuesday, April 12, 2011


I just vacuumed my son. That's right. I vacuumed my tot. I used the attachment to get all the hair I had just cut off. I'd say it works pretty well. Maybe I'll try it on the dog next. - MP

Monday, April 11, 2011


Changing pee'ed on items the last 3 days has messed with my sense of smell....i'm constantly smelling pee! gross! - MP

Thursday, April 7, 2011


Going to paint my nails!!!! it's been just about 9 months since the last time i've done that!!! - MP

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


I let my kids watch 2 hrs of tv today so I could clean the house before our guests arrive. - MP

Pick me up

Just packed up the kids(who both won't take a nap today) in the cold and rain so I could go to Starbucks! I need coffee! - Ashley Z.

10 lbs

Sometimes I think getting pregnant again would be so much easier than worrying about losing these last 10lbs of baby weight. -MP


My son has started crawling and I literally feel like he hurt himself and starts crying about every 15 minutes! - Christy S.

Rear End

I never thought the words - "stop sniffing the dogs butt" would ever come out of my mouth! - MP


The worst thing that could happen while feeding a baby: him sneezing!!! - Rayan B.

It's all about...

I've recently come to the realization that too many of my conversations/emails/texts with friends mention poop in one way or another! - Marcy F.

Hot Stuff

so the kid at the bus stop yells "MILF" when I drive by in the morning. most people would be offended by this but I'm like "yeah!! I still got it!!!" ... I guess I'll take anything I can get these days - Amy A.