Wednesday, April 20, 2011


so i've been dieting pretty strictly the last 2-3 weeks. i've been watching -literally- everything that i eat. i even track it on that 'lose it' app in my ipod. well, today i felt like i relapsed. my 2 yr old wanted some doritos so i gave him a few in a bowl. i thought to myself, 'go ahead, just have a few, you deserve it'. 15 chips later & having to throw the bag away so i didn't indulge any further i felt defeated. i'm not sure if any of you watch the show "INTERVENTION" but i'm a HUGE fan, well, how pathetic is it that after I did that I actually compared myself to relapsing on drugs/alcohol! oh my. i have serious issues. - MP


  1. You are not defeated! You had 15 doritos - your diet & hard work have not been in vain! One of the best work out/weight loss tips my husband and I share is to allow yourself a little cheat now and then. Once a week is usually good. Keep it in moderation. It won't ruin your hard work & it'll keep you from binging, which is more likely to happen if you completely abstain from the "fun" foods. Also, what helps us, is shopping healthy for everyone. We don't buy anything for the kids that we wouldn't feel ok eating ourselves. It keeps my guilt eating to minimum. We've all been there. IT'S OK! I've noticed a lot of women do well for a couple weeks, slip a little (b/c they haven't mentally allowed themselves a cheat) and then give up. Do NOT fall into that trap! Keep up the good work and don't beat yourself up over a few chips. HUGS!

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  4. LOL... I had to laugh! I did the Whole 30 which means 30 days of eating healthy. I made it to day 12 and then helped myself to my grandsons bag of Circus Animal cookies. I just finished Salt and Vinager chips and a beer. Please don't be so hard on yourself...We all have a serious problem. Hugs!


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