Saturday, April 30, 2011


i was at target trying on a bathing suit last night and had my 1 year old daughter in the dressing room with me. Just as I stripped off my last article of clothing leaving nothing but a thong on... my lovely daughter decided to scoot her little self under the door and run out. There was not a soul in the dressing room for me to yell help to so I -in all my glory, ran out after her. I poked my head around to try and see where she was -my whole backside was completely exposed to anyone who may have been in the Target Ladies department around 6pm last night! I spotted her in the card section (atleast 50 feet away), said a quick prayer and ran back and never put on a pair of pants so quickly- didn't bother to button them, and pulled my tank top (no bra) on and before I even had it all the way on I went sprinting through the store looking for her- shoeless... Thank god she found the musical cards and stayed in the card section where I spotted her before. Never been so embarassed, scared, and releaved in such a short amount of time. Atleast I can laugh about it now! :) - kaitlyn a. 

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  1. I just found you through a blog hop, and love this story. As the mother of 5 myself, I have truly been in some spots like this personally too! I am now one of your followers. I recently started a blog, and I hope you'll check it out sometime too. Be well!


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