Friday, June 10, 2011

FT Nanny Needed

Yesterday was one of those days where if I only had one wish - it would be for a full time nanny. Let me paint the picture for you:

  • A 2 year old. (i shouldn't even have to go on)
  • A SICK 2 year old (same kid as above)
  • An 11 month old that is starting to show his independence yet still clings to Momma
  • A SICK 11 month old
  • A sleep deprived Momma because said children (mostly the 11 month old) decided it would be fun to only sleep from 130am-530am - leaving Momma with only 4 hrs of sleep.
  • Crying/whining/fits every hour. On the hour. 
Wouldn't you have wanted a full-time nanny too?!

*note - i DO love my children, yesterday was just very.....challenging.

- MP


  1. If you are in the San Diego area, I know of some good part time ones who LOVE kids ;)


  2. Wow... that sounds rough! Oh man.

  3. Haha send that nanny my way next! Whew our days sound similar! Yay for us....not lol

  4. Oh man! I totally feel you. We're just getting done dealing with a sick 14 month old. I can't even imagine TWO sick kids at once!

  5. I can so relate. . .last week of school, cranky kindergartener, 18 month old with strep, and 7 year old overachiever wanting to make her 100 points. Crazy, Busy, Exhausting!


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