Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I have three boys ages 13, 9 and 2.  Needless to say, because my hubby is away on business, I let my 2 yr old sleep with me so I don't get a ton of sleep, lol.  I made a deal with my older kids that on the weekends they can play video games as long as they don't wake the baby up (thus waking me up)... I have never heard two boys play games so quietly, lol. And I get to sleep in a little! - Angelique N.


  1. Hurray for video games. Sometimes it is the only way this mommy of two little boys can get a moment to herself...

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  9. I find that teletoon retro does the trick : )
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  10. My youngest is two years old and is the one who prevents me from getting anything done around here! I love her, but wow...she's a busy one! Recently she started watching Dora the Explorer and was glued to the tv during the show. Then it ended...and she wasn't interested in the other shows that followed. She kept asking for "Dora" -- so I went on and ordered two Dora the Explorer DVD's, each has about 5 Dora episodes. BEST INVESTMENT I have ever made, LOL. Not to say I park her in front of the tv often...but you know what? Sometimes when I want to take a shower in peace, or go online to write a blog really helps when she's happy, content, quiet and SAFE sitting there on the couch.

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